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A Tender Notice

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Framework (Goods)
23.5 month
25 Feb 2022
To 19 Mar 2024 (est.)
30 Mar 2022 14:00



Location throughout Northern Ireland

Geochart for 6 buyers and 0 suppliers



Total Quantity or Scope

FMM-20-023 - FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT FOR THE PROVISION OF GROUNDS MAINTENANCE AND GRASS CUTTING MACHINERY. Additional information: Education Authority for Northern Ireland invites tenders for the following competition - a Framework Agreement for the Provision of Grounds Maintenance and Grass Cutting Machinery to location throughout Northern Ireland. This framework Agreement will be established on behalf of EA, Primary and Post Primary schools under the control of the EA, Catholic Maintained Schools, Independent Schools in NI, Irish Medium Schools in NI, both Controlled and Voluntary Grammar Schools, Nursery School for NI (both controlled and Catholic Maintained), school meals kitchens on-site at all of these schools, and Controlled Youth Centres. Further Education Colleges in NI. Grant Controlled Integrated Education Schools in NI. https:// Independent School in NI . Libraries NI. https://. EA Teachers’ and Educational Centres. Council for the Curriculum, Examination and Assessment NI (CCEA) . Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. Middletown Centre for Autism. Controlled Schools Support Council (CSSC). NorthernIreland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE). who may also use this Framework. . The value shown in II.2.6) is the highest value estimated in the following range: £6,700,000 and £10,050,000 (excluding VAT and £12,050,000 including VAT)GBP which has been calculated on the basis of a 2-year framework plus 2 further option extension periods and contingency for higher demand during the contract period, for all clients. There is no commitment as to the usage, volume, or value of products required under this Framework Agreement. The Authority expressly reserves the rights: (I) not to award any contract as a result of the procurement process commenced by publication of this notice; (II) to make whatever changes it may see fit to the content and structure of the tendering Competition; (III) to award (a) contract(s) in respect of any part(s) of the [services] covered by this notice; and (IV) to award contract(s) in stages and in no circumstances will the Authority be liable for any costs incurred by candidates.

Renewal Options

Option to extend for one further period of 24 months as detailed in document 1. FMM-20-023 Framework Agreement for Supplies

Award Criteria

price _

CPV Codes

  • 43325100 - Grounds-maintenance equipment
  • 16160000 - Miscellaneous gardening equipment
  • 16000000 - Agricultural machinery
  • 16100000 - Agricultural and forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation
  • 16311000 - Lawnmowers
  • 16700000 - Tractors
  • 16710000 - Pedestrian-controlled agricultural tractors
  • 34390000 - Tractor accessories
  • 16310000 - Mowers
  • 16311100 - Lawn, park or sports-ground mowers
  • 44532200 - Washers
  • 43812000 - Sawing equipment


  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Mini-Competitions: Further competitions may be commissioned during the framework term for additional grounds maintenance equipment. Such competitions will be run with all Contractors appointed to the framework, irrespective of the Lot they were awarded (unless otherwise excluded through poor performance). At the time of any mini competition, the Clients will decide the contract term, which shall be no longer than a period of four years. Contract Monitoring: The Successful Contractor's performance on this Contract will be managed as per the specification and regularly monitored (see Procurement Guidance Note 01/12 – Contract Management - Procedures and Principles). Contractors not delivering on contract requirements is a serious matter. It means the public purse is not getting what it is paying for. If a contractor fails to reach satisfactory levels of contract performance, they will be given a specified time to improve. If, after the specified time, they still fail to reach satisfactory levels of contract performance, the matter will be escalated to senior management in EA for further action. If this occurs and their performance still does not improve to satisfactory levels within the specified period, it may be regarded as an act of grave professional misconduct and they may be issued with a Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance and this Contract may be terminated. Any contractor in receipt of a Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance will be required to declare this in future tender submissions for a period of three years from the date of issue of the Notice. It may also result in the contractor being excluded from all procurement competitions being undertaken by the EA. Education Authority Northern Ireland (EA) are committed to the promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities, as well as the responsible use and protection of natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint as key objectives in the Sustainable Development Strategy for Northern. Ireland. The Authority has included with the contract documents a Social Considerations Schedule, to help achieve the EA’s objectives and address the strategic aims, it is required that the successful Contractor, as a condition of contract, deliver measurable social value outcomes as set within this Social Considerations schedule. The Authority cannot give any commitment as to the usage, volume, or value of products required under this Contract. Any levels, or aggregate values of goods, referred to are indicative only and. shall not be binding on the Client. The Contracting Authority has included Social Considerations Clauses within the Framework.