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Contract (Services)
4 year
01 Apr 2022
To 01 Aug 2026 (est.)
24 May 2022 12:00




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The target market for the IMPACT30 support programme is young, entrepreneurial, ambitious leaders seeking to establish or grow a business in the Highlands and Islands Enterprise region. Key activities will cover a range of topics considered vital for all young entrepreneurs and enterprises as well as bespoke subjects developed around the individual needs of the entrepreneur. It is expected that these services will be required from July 2022 for an initial period of 3 years, with HIE having the option to extend for a period or periods together not exceeding 1 year following the Initial Term. The 3 year budget available is estimated to be between GBP 800,000 and GBP 1,200,000 (excluding VAT).

Total Quantity or Scope

This programme will provide the intensive and longer-term support to enterprises over the course of 12 month for each cohort. The programme is open to all sectors, with the focus being on growth potential. We expect that there will be 177 participating enterprises receiving support through the programme. See the Scope of Requirements and Tender Guidance document for full details.

Renewal Options

The contract will be awarded for an initial period of 3 years with HIE having the option to extend for a period or periods together not exceeding 1 year following the Initial Term. HIE may require the supplier to provide additional services. Any such modification shall be in terms of Regulation 72 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. See the Scope of Requirements for full details.

Award Criteria

Cyber Security _
Delivery Methodology 30.0
Management Methodology 5.0
Management and Delivery Team 20.0
Risks and Challenges 5.0
Community Benefits 5.0
PRICE 35.0

CPV Codes

  • 73220000 - Development consultancy services
  • 79410000 - Business and management consultancy services
  • 80510000 - Specialist training services
  • 79400000 - Business and management consultancy and related services
  • 79632000 - Personnel-training services
  • 80500000 - Training services
  • 80570000 - Personal development training services


  • Bids should cover the whole contract.
  • This is a recurring contract.
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are available.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.
  • Staff qualifications are relevant.
  • Award on basis of price.

Other Information

Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any of the situations referred to in Regulation 58 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. HIE and the Supplier Development Programme are hosting a webinar on 20 April which will support, but not replace, the information provided through PCS.Attendance will not form part of the evaluation and following the event a link to the webinar recording, along with the presentation and any questions and answers raised will be made available via PCS. Link to the registration can be found in the Scope of Requirements. It is estimated that the total value of the services over the maximum duration of 4 years will be between GBP 1,067,000 and GBP 1,600,000 (excluding VAT). This is the figure which has been used in II.1.5 & II.2.6. Where bidders are participating with others (SPD 2A.17) and/or relying on the capacity of other entities in order to meet selection criteria (SPD 2C.1) they are required to provide information relating to these entities with the relevant supporting SPD documentation being submitted. AWARD CRITERIA SCORING Question 1 Cyber Security will be evaluated using the criteria as per Scope of Requirements and Tender Guidance Notes. The remainder of the Award criteria will be marked according to the following criteria: 0-Unacceptable-Nil or inadequate response which fails to demonstrate an ability to meet the requirement. 1-Poor-Response is partially relevant but generally poor. It addresses some elements of the requirement but contains insufficient/limited detail or explanation to demonstrate how the requirement will be fulfilled. 2-Acceptable-Response is relevant and acceptable. It addresses a broad understanding of the requirement but may lack details on how the requirement will be fulfilled in certain areas. 3-Good-Response is relevant and good. It is sufficiently detailed to demonstrate a good understanding and provides details on how the requirements will be fulfilled. 4-Excellent-Response is completely relevant and excellent overall. It is comprehensive, unambiguous and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the requirement and provides details of how the requirement will be met in full. Tenders must be submitted via the PCS Postbox and must be received by the published deadline.Late tenders will not be accepted and HIE will reject any submissions received after the deadline. Email or hard copy responses will not be accepted. PCS also gives suppliers access to an on-line Question & Answer facility which allows queries to be submitted (anonymously), and answers published and shared with all potential bidders. NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Public Contracts Scotland Web Site at The buyer has indicated that it will accept electronic responses to this notice via the Postbox facility. A user guide is available at Suppliers are advised to allow adequate time for uploading documents and to dispatch the electronic response well in advance of the closing time to avoid any last minute problems. Community benefits are included in this requirement. For more information see: A summary of the expected community benefits has been provided as follows: Bidders will be expected to support the delivery of community benefits which take into account HIEs role as a local economic development agency. The types of Community Benefits that bidders may seek to offer and incorporate to the contract may include, but are not restricted to the areas detailed in the Scope of Requirements. See Scope of Requirements and the Award Criteria Response Form for details. (SC Ref:679070) Download the ESPD document here: [[]]