Early Learning and Childcare - South Lanarkshire Council Procured Service Arrangement

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Contract (Services)
10.5 year
01 Apr 2022
To 30 Jan 2033 (est.)
31 Aug 2022 12:00



South Lanarkshire Council geographical boundary

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The choice of the provider will be selected by the parent/guardian of the child therefore the council is utilising an innovative Procured Service Arrangement (PSA) under the Light Touch Rules contained in Regulations 74-76 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. Providers of ELC are invited to join the PSA by submitting a tender to the Council. They will be appointed to the PSA if they can successfully demonstrate that they meet the National Standard, the Law, applicable guidance, and the Council’s procedural requirements and accept the Rates which have been set by the Council in relation to the delivery of funded hours. The PSA will allow providers to be added over its 10 year term.

Total Quantity or Scope

South Lanarkshire Council (“the Council”) is seeking to establish a Procured Service Arrangement (PSA) to ensure the delivery of funded ELC placements within the Council’s geographic area.

Award Criteria

National Standards Criteria 95.0

CPV Codes

  • 80110000 - Pre-school education services


  • Bids should cover the whole contract.
  • This is a recurring contract.
  • Renewals are not available.
  • Financial restrictions apply.
  • Performance considerations apply.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.
  • Award on basis of price.

Other Information

The duration is from 01/03/2020 to 31/07/2030 . This notice is alerting the market that Phase 6 of this PSA is now open for application within a new project in PCS-T. The previous PCS-T project was 13956, from today all applications should be made to Project 18787 in PCS-T. When requested by the council bidders must complete and submit the following declarations to evidence their compliance with the relevant questions in the Qualification and Technical envelopes. Declarations and Certificates SPD Question 2D.1 Prompt Payment Certificate SPD Questions 3A.1 to 3A.8 Serious and Organised Crime Declaration Serious and Organised Crime – Information Sharing Protocol with Police Scotland Form SPD Question 3A.6 Modern Slavery Act Declaration SPD Question 3D.3 Human Rights Act Declaration SPD Question 3D.11 Non-Collusion Certificate Declaration Section Form of Tender SPD Question 4B.5.1 Insurance Certificates SPD Question 4C.6 Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act Declaration Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate SSSC registration numbers and Qualifications held SPD Question 4D.1 Health and Safety Evidence of the statements Failure to provide this information or in the event that the information provided does not support or evidence the statements made within the EPD will invalidate the bid. The buyer is using PCS-Tender to conduct this ITT exercise. The Project code is 18787. For more information see: http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/info/InfoCentre.aspx?ID=2343 The Contracting Authority does not intend to include a sub-contract clause as part of community benefits (as per Section 25 of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014) in this contract for the following reason: The award of a funded placement is dictated by parental choice therefore no work is guaranteed. The Contracting Authority does not intend to include any community benefit requirements in this contract for the following reason: Due to the PSA not providing a guarantee of work, community benefits are not being made mandatory within the tender. Community Benefits have been encouraged and bidders have been asked to commit to one of the community examples in Attachment 7 of the Tender Documents. Any Community benefits offered will form part of their contractual obligation and be subject to performance monitoring. (SC Ref:688757)