ID 3151653 Banking Services for the NICS and Public Sector Bodies

A Contract Award Notice

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Framework (Services)
5 year (est.)
01 Apr 2022
To 06 Mar 2027 (est.)




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Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD) intends to establish a collaborative Framework Agreement (Framework) for the provision of Banking Services within Northern Ireland on behalf of Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) Departments, Agencies and Non Departmental Public Bodies and other Participating Bodies (Contracting Clients), see Annex A for a list of these bodies. CPD will set up a 5 year single supplier Framework Agreement, commencing from 1 April 2022, which will allow public sector bodies to establish Contracts with the successful Supplier to provide their banking services. For the purpose of this Framework “Banking Services” will entail the servicing of a range of bank account types, varying payment and receipt methods, local banking facilities and access to an internet banking system. The main details of the banking requirements are described in the Specification.

Award Detail

1 Northern Bank Financial Services (Belfast)
  • Contract
  • Reference: 1
  • Num offers: 3
  • Value: £35,000,000

Award Criteria

Qualitative Award Criteria 40.0
PRICE 60.0

CPV Codes

  • 66110000 - Banking services
  • 66120000 - Investment banking services and related services
  • 66100000 - Banking and investment services


  • Award on basis of price.

Other Information

The potential value of the Framework was been devised through engagement with the beneficiaries and best endeavours have been made to include all users who have indicated they anticipate spending through this Framework during its lifetime. Throughout the lifetime of the contract CPD reserves the right to add participating bodies for example were a new body is formed / renaming of an existing body, new legislation requires an existing body to commence collecting fund not know at the inception of the Framework or indeed where duties are transferred between bodies. The successful Contractor’s performance on this Contract will be managed as per the specification and regularly monitored (see Contractors not delivering on contract requirements is a serious matter. It means the public purse is not getting what it is paying for. If a contractor fails to reach satisfactory levels of contract performance they will be given a specified time to improve. If, after the specified time, they still fail to reach satisfactory levels of contract performance, the matter will be escalated to senior management in CPD for further action. If this occurs and their performance still does not improve to satisfactory levels within the specified period, it may be grounds for termination of the contract at the Contractors expense. In lieu of termination they may be issued with a Notice of Written Warning or a Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance. A central register of such Notices for supplies and services contracts will be maintained and published on the CPD website. Any Contractor in receipt of multiple Notice of Written Warning. or Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance will be required to declare this in future tender submissions for a period of three years from the date of issue of the Notice. It may also result in the contractor being excluded from all procurement competitions being undertaken by Centres of Procurement Expertise on behalf of bodies covered by the Northern Ireland Procurement Policy.