A Second Generation Farm Advisory Service with Both One to Many and One to One

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Contract (Services)
1 year (est.)
14 Apr 2022
04 Apr 2022 to 03 Apr 2023 (est.)




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The Scottish Government has a requirement to place a contract with an external service provider for the provision of a second Generation Farm Advisory Service with both One to Many and One to One. Service components.

Lot Division

1 Second Generation Farm Advisory Service Lot 1 (Component 1) One to Many

The Scottish Government, is looking to procure a service provider to deliver a national one to many farm advisory service that incorporates an advisory service for crofters and small farms and a dedicated helpdesk facility. The aims of the proposed Scottish Farm Advisory Service are (1) to help farmers, crofters and land managers better understand regulatory and mandatory requirements and (2) to provide farmers, crofters and land managers with expertise and advice in a number of areas that help deliver: climate change mitigation, public good, improve business efficiency, mandatory standards and good practice advice in relation to environmental protection. In addition, the advisory service must reach the full diversity of farmers, crofters and land managers through flexible and inclusive approaches.

2 Second Generation Farm Advisory Service Lot 2 (Component 2) One to One

The one to one contract aims to ensure crofters, farmers and land managers have access to one to one consultancy support. These one to one visits provide significant value to farmers/crofters as the advice is specific to their enterprise, locality and issues. The advisor brings detailed local and enterprise knowledge and a fresh perspective. Through discussion with the farmer, the adviser can assess the vision for the farm, croft or other types of agricultural land, develop objectives and determine why certain management practices are followed and what options would be most suitable. The adviser is then able to talk these recommendations through with the farmer/crofter to establish an action plan. The service comprises of four elements: - Integrated Land Management Plans (ILMPs) – government funding of up to GBP 1,200 per plan. - Specialist advice - Up to GBP 1,000 for public good advice and for business efficiency advice. - Carbon audits -funding of GBP500 for a first audit & GBP250 for an annual review. - Mentoring for new entrants to farming - Up to 4 days one-to-one with a personal mentor. The Scottish Government under the Scotland Rural Development Programme 2015-2020 within the SRDP Advisory Service is looking to procure a contract to deliver integrated land management plans (ILMPs), specialist advice, mentoring and carbon audits The aim of the contract is to ensure crofters, farmers, land managers, and new entrants have access to one to one consultancy support leading to the production of Integrated Land Management and specialist plans as well as mentoring and carbon audits.

Award Detail

1 SAC Consulting (Penicuik)
  • Second Generation Farm Advisory Service Lot 1 (Component 1) One to Many
  • Num offers: 1
  • Value: £7,499,073
2 Ricardo AEA (Glasgow)
  • Second Generation Farm Advisory Service Lot 2 (Component 2) One to One
  • Num offers: 1
  • Value: £8,507,006

Award Criteria

Service Delivery and Approach 40.0
Approach to Risk, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 5.0
Skills and Resource 20.0
Fair Work 5.0
Contract Management 10.0
Climate Emergency 5.0
Community Benefits 5.0
Cyber and Data Security 5.0
Mobilisation 5.0
PRICE 30.0

CPV Codes

  • 77000000 - Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services


  • Award on basis of price.

Other Information

It is a requirement of this contract that bidders hold or can commit to obtain prior to the commencement of any contract, the insurances indicated below: Employer's (Compulsory) Liability Insurance = 5 million GBP Public Liability Insurance = 1 million GBP Professional Indemnity Insurance = 1 million GBP (SC Ref:688603)