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The Home Office is seeking to award grant funding of up to £2.74m over a 3-year period to local authorities (LAs) in the 20 police force areas that account for 80% of serious violence in England and Wales. The purpose of the Young Women and Girls Fund (YWGF) is to improve services to young women and girls suffering gang related harm or exploitation, with a focus on understanding the specific and gendered risks that this poses. The YWGF will ensure women and girls are able to access the tailored, dedicated support they need. To do this, the YWGF will fund specialist Young Women's Workers (YWW) who will work directly with young women and girls who are risk of, or experiencing, gang exploitation. We welcome applications from local authorities who: • Can demonstrate a strong understanding of the nature and risks of gang related exploitation of women and girls in their area; • Can demonstrate the ability to mobilise a service quickly; • Can provide a credible and effective service for vulnerable young women and girls experiencing gang related harm. This should include details on the types of intervention the YWW will deliver, details of appropriate safeguarding measures, and a plan to engage with vulnerable cohorts who may be hard to reach; • Can demonstrate the ability to build credible and effective links with law enforcement partners, safeguarding agencies, Violence Reduction Units and voluntary and community sector partners in the eligible locations; • Can offer gender-specific support, recognising the differences between the experiences of girls and boys who are experiencing gang exploitation. Eligibility Local authorities within the 20 Violence Reduction Unit areas will be eligible to apply for funding from the YWGF, in line with the Home Office's geographically targeted approach to tackling serious violence. This includes local authorities within the following police force areas: London, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Merseyside, South Yorkshire, Northumbria, Lancashire, Thames Valley, Avon and Somerset, Essex, Kent, Nottinghamshire, Cleveland, Hampshire, Leicester, Bedfordshire, South Wales, Humberside, and Sussex. Together, these police forces account for approximately 80% of serious violence across England and Wales. Bidders will be able to apply for one worker per local authority area to work with women and girls who are experiencing gang related harm, receiving up to a maximum value of £43,000 (the cost of one worker) in years 2 and 3. In year 1 (22/23), bidders will be eligible to receive up to £28,666. Bidders are welcome to apply alone as the local authority or in partnership with other local public and/or voluntary sector organisations. While each local authority may only submit one bid, local authorities may wish to cross reference one another's bids where concerns around violence, child criminal exploitation and gang association cross geographical boundaries.

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  • 98133100 - Civic betterment and community facility support services

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NOTICE TO SUPPLIERS In December 2016, the Cabinet Office launched its minimum standards for government grants: These include the requirement that competition should be the default option when considering award of grant funding. To comply, the Home Office has decided to manage its competitions using their Jaggaer eSourcing portal. How to register In order to bid for funding, bidders will first need to register on the Home Office (HO) Jaggaer portal via the following link: Bidders should be approved for usage within 24 hours of registering on the system. After clicking on the eSourcing portal link, it should take you to the home page. On the left-hand side of this page, just below the login boxes, there is an option to register. To register as a supplier, you will need to provide information which will include: • the full legal name of your organisation • your DUNS number - a unique nine-digit number provided to organisations free of charge by Dun & Bradstreet • profile information describing your organisation and the size of your business Once registered as a supplier on the portal please send a notification email to to request access to the associated documents for the YWGF fund. If you have any difficulties registering on the system, then you should contact the Supplier eSourcing Helpdesk: The HO Jaggaer eSourcing portal is independent of other eSourcing portals. Therefore, if you have registered on the Crown Commercial Service Jaggaer eSourcing portal, you will also need to register on the HO Jaggaer eSourcing portal. Please note that bids will only be accepted via the HO eSourcing portal. Any bids received outside of this system will not be considered by the Authority. Please note that registering for access to the eSourcing tool will not make you a Home Office supplier. To be considered for award of funding you must first respond to an opportunity. Further information about procurement at the Home Office can be found on the website. 2022.04.29 YWGF Contract Finder Advert - FINAL.pdf