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09 May 2022
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Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) is seeking to procure a provider capable of delivering a dynamic, proactive all-age alcohol and drug harm reduction, treatment and recovery service. This service will commence on 1st April 2023 following a mobilisation period (inclusive of TUPE transfer). The service will deliver a range of interventions, including providing a wider prevention and education offer to other professionals, support to families and input to other local delivery agendas. The service will cover advice, treatment and recovery and will be available to all Rotherham residents who require support with substance misuse including problems with prescribed and over the counter medication.

Total Quantity or Scope

The service specification provides a framework which will contribute to the outcomes and objectives the Council wishes to achieve through the commissioning of the service, aligned to the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. One service provider will be appointed to deliver the Service through a single contract. The Service Provider is encouraged to demonstrate innovation and added value in their service design. It is anticipated that the contract will commence on 1st April 2023 and will run for a period of five years making the expiry date 31st March 2028. The contract will have an option to extend by a further five years in any number or combination of extensions at the sole discretion of the Council, making the latest possible expiry date 31st March 2033. Bidders are advised that the maximum budget available for the core provision of this contract over the initial 5-year term (set and fixed for all suppliers) is £16,115,000 equating to £3,223,000 per annum. All values stated are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). Any bids that fall outside this budget will be rejected. As the contract has the potential for a further five-year extension, the total overall budget for the full 10 years of the contract will equate to £32,230,000, this will account for the core contract activity only. The cost of the service from year 6, will be in line with the Office of National Statistics’ Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the previous September prior to the new anniversary year. For example, in year 6 (April 2028) the contract price will change by the CPI rate as of September 2027. The service will be subject to core and non-core contract activities. As a result, the service may be subject to future additional funding sources throughout the lifetime of the contract, this non-core activity will be linked to any service or provision that meets the needs of or provide outcomes for advice, treatment, and recovery services suitable for Rotherham residents of all ages who are experiencing problems with substance misuse. The non-core requirements as they arise will be subject to negotiation and agreement with the successful provider. The non-core activity will form part of a framework contract for additional services which the Council may place orders for from time to time subject to additional funding. There is no commitment from the Council that any orders will be placed for non-core activity as a result of additional funding that is secured. The total anticipated spend is in the region of £322,300 - £1,611,500 per annum. The basis for these estimates is 10% - 50% of the annual funding allocation and some of the key focus areas for the Council may include:- 1. Increased treatment capacity 2. Residential rehabilitation and inpatient detoxification provision 3. Early intervention and prevention 4. Expanding the competency and size of the workforce Or any other areas that are identified by the bidder in order to respond to future needs and demands as highlighted in the needs assessment and service specification. Bidders are reminded that these costs are indicative only and do not carry any guarantee of value or volume of business over the contract term. Actual future needs may vary up or down.

CPV Codes

  • 85100000 - Health services
  • 85000000 - Health and social work services
  • 85140000 - Miscellaneous health services
  • 85144000 - Residential health facilities services


  • Bids should cover the whole contract.
  • Performance considerations apply.

Other Information

Taking account of the core and potential non-core activity, the total value range for all activity across the full 10-year contract duration is between £16,115,000 (initial 5-year core contract only) and £48,345,000 (inclusive of the initial 5 year term core contract, potential 5-year extension term and any non-core activity over 10 years).