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13 Jul 2022
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Network Rail (NR) are planning to establish a multi-supplier National Train Control Systems framework (NTCSF) for the delivery of major train control works and renewals to modify and/or enhance the existing rail network across Great Britain. The scope of the NTCSF includes delivery of European Train Control System (ETCS) compliant digital signalling, conventional signalling and digital signalling maintenance. Suppliers will be required to provide a range of works and/or services covering design, build and maintenance support for either or both types of signalling system (other than maintenance which will be limited to ETCS systems). The beneficiaries of work to be delivered under the proposed framework will be NR and may also include East West Rail Limited.

Total Quantity or Scope

This notice relates to a supplier market pre-launch event, ahead of the issue of the Contract Notice for the Train Control Systems Framework, to be held on the 20th July 2022 in London. NR’s strategic objectives for the proposed framework is to support the growth and development of the GB signalling market and to encourage adoption of open interfaces. It is intended that signalling suppliers will be required to demonstrate their ability to achieve product approval for use on the GB rail network of signalling systems whether that be ETCS, conventional signalling or both. Those able to demonstrate, in response to the relevant questions, a suitable approach to delivery of both forms of signalling will have the potential to secure a higher score for that element of their tender. However, this will not preclude those suppliers only able or prepared to commit to one form of signalling system provision being able to secure a place on the framework (provided they achieve an overall score that places them in the top 5 ranked tenders). Suppliers will be committed to progressing the solutions they offer in the tender. However, it will be possible once a supplier has secured a place on the framework for one type of signalling system to seek (without any compulsion to do so) to expand its product approvals to include the other signalling system type. The framework length proposed reflects the recognition of the need for development of longer term relationships with signalling suppliers, in order to (1) encourage collaborative behaviours in support of NR signalling objectives and efficiencies, (2) enable suppliers to achieve a return on investment in technology and resource development and (3) provide increased certainty of work being secured through achievement of a place on a framework. In order to facilitate the above NR propose, through the NTCFS procurement (1) to provide minimum commitments to each supplier appointed to the framework which will be based on a percentage of the projects placed through the framework being allocated to each of the suppliers (with the percentage being dependent on the ranking of the supplier in the framework tender evaluation); and (2) to allocate projects primarily through application of criteria (which will be set out in the procurement documentation) rather than mini-competition (though this can be used in certain circumstances) which will include a mechanism to support delivery of the minimum commitment. In the context of NR’s strategic objectives, the forecast significant ramp up of digitalisation of signalling systems on the network over the next 5-15 years provides opportunities for expansion of suppliers operating or wanting to operate in the GB signalling market through development of ETCS signalling solutions. To assist in encouragement of suppliers to develop ETCS solutions for the GB network, NR is, through the proposed framework, proposing to enter into development commission contracts with suppliers through which NR will make a contribution to actual development costs. The proposed framework will also make it possible for suppliers to develop conventional signalling solutions for the GB network, even where they do not currently have this in place. However, there will be not be any funding contribution made available by NR in that context. Additional information: NR wishes to encourage suppliers interested in the GB signalling market to attend the supplier event on the 20 July 2022 to find out more about the opportunities that are proposed to be made available through the intended NTCSF framework procurement and how the proposals outlined in this notice may facilitate their engagement in such opportunities.

CPV Codes

  • 45234115 - Railway signalling works
  • 34632000 - Railways traffic-control equipment
  • 34632200 - Electrical signalling equipment for railways
  • 34632300 - Electrical installations for railways
  • 34941800 - Railway points
  • 34942000 - Signalling equipment
  • 34943000 - Train-monitoring system
  • 45316200 - Installation of signalling equipment
  • 48140000 - Railway traffic control software package
  • 71320000 - Engineering design services
  • 72212140 - Railway traffic control software development services

Other Information

Network Rail (NR) intends to award a 10-year framework with an estimated value of approximately £4bn. Network Rail intends to appoint 5 suppliers to the framework. Network Rail will be hosting a pre-launch supplier event on Wednesday 20th July 2022 at Wesley Hotel, Euston in London, at 10am to provide an update to the market in relation to this forthcoming opportunity. If you are interested in joining the event to find out more information, please email: ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. **