Emergency Services Network (ESN) - Lot 3 Mobile Services 2015/24

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9 year
15 Jul 2022
09 Dec 2015 to 31 Dec 2024
18 Apr 2014 01:00



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The Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) is a cross-government, multiagency Programme sponsored by The Secretary of State for the Home Department to deliver the Emergency Services Network (ESN). The ESN will deliver integrated critical voice and broadband data services to all three emergency services (3ES) and other users throughout GB (England, Wales and Scotland). These services require a mobile communications network capable of providing the full coverage, resilience, security and public safety functionality required by the 3ES. The ESN will replace the existing Emergency Services Communication Services delivered under current service contract(s) across the 3ES and other users. The new service contracts have been awarded during 2015, with a target of achieving a planned commencement of service delivery during 2017 as the existing service contracts begin to expire. The procurement was divided into 4 Lots, however Lot 4 has been discontinued (see OJEU Corrigendum ref: 2015/S 016-024719 dated 23 January 2015). This Contract Award Notice is with regard to Lot 3 only (Lots 1 and 2 are the subject of separate Award Notices). Lot 3 is for a supplier of Mobile Services (MS) to enable the delivery of mobile voice and data network services to the 3ES and other user organisations to support ESN. The Lot 3 (MS) supplier will be responsible for an enhanced mobile communications service with highly available full coverage in the defined Lot 3 area (including some in-building coverage); provision of highly available extended network coverage over Extended Area Services (EAS) telecommunications infrastructure, technical interfaces to Lots 2 and EAS; and the provision of optional services. THIS NOTICE IS TO AMEND THE CONTRACT VALUE FROM £900,300,000 to £826,750,000.

Award Detail

1 EE Ltd (Hatfield)
  • Value: £826,750,000

CPV Codes

  • 64200000 - Telecommunications services
  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support
  • 32523000 - Telecommunications facilities
  • 72315000 - Data network management and support services
  • 45314000 - Installation of telecommunications equipment
  • 50312300 - Maintenance and repair of data network equipment
  • 50330000 - Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment
  • 64225000 - Air-to-ground telecommunications services
  • 50312600 - Maintenance and repair of information technology equipment
  • 48200000 - Networking, Internet and intranet software package
  • 64212000 - Mobile-telephone services
  • 50334400 - Communications system maintenance services
  • 72318000 - Data transmission services
  • 32000000 - Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment
  • 72322000 - Data management services
  • 51000000 - Installation services (except software)
  • 72253000 - Helpdesk and support services
  • 72253200 - Systems support services
  • 45232332 - Ancillary works for telecommunications
  • 98110000 - Services furnished by business, professional and specialist organisations

Other Information

Lot 3 - Mobile Services Redacted Contracts https://atamis-8888.cloudforce.com/sfc/p/58000000L5A4/a/4I000001Qrlq/SPmwEck8B9c...