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Contract (Supply)
5 month
25 Oct 2023
01 Apr 2024 to 31 Aug 2024
15 Dec 2023 10:00



Worting Road Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 8TN

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Proposals and tenders are sought in relation to the following fully funded project. Design, supply and install a complete green screen, LED and live compositing solution which incorporates industry-leading technologies. The production suite will encompass all elements of LED screens, cameras and tracking systems, interactive lighting, media servers, video processing and related IT to support the education of media broadcasting and green screen production. Ongoing support package embedded on the production suite to provide 24/7 support for usage by curriculum staff, students and stakeholders. The production suite should be robust enough to be used in industry to enable the training and development of students on industry equipment. A mobile control centre within the room to operate the equipment with the potential to expand this to an external room in later years. Project funding is not yet confirmed, in fact confirmation will only be possible once tenders are received and the funder has confimed they are compliant with the conditions of funding.

Total Quantity or Scope

The following provides an outline of the equipment required. The project funder requires a solution to be provided in this format. Proposals that do not meet this requirement will not be considered. Dialogue with the college and the funder is possible when designing a solution proposal. Lighting Control Hardware - QuickQ 20 DMX/IP Gateway CONNECT-RX200N and WIRELESS RDM and DTAP and USB CONNECT TX100N must add UKM-PW04597 5V, 2A, 10W, Plug in Power Supply, 2.1mm Plug 2M DMX 5PIN EXTENSION DATAPLEX CABLE 5M DMX 5PIN EXTENSION DATAPLEX CABLE 10M DMX 5PIN EXTENSION DATAPLEX CABLE Or similar equipment Screens and Monitors - ||4K HDR colour monitor - Mains Display 1 x editing, 1 x colour workstation or similar Quantity 5: 4K HDR Colour computer monitor with colour calibration tool display - 2nd display editing +1MoCap system + 2 x ICVFX system or similar Quantity 2: 55" UHD Floor monitor or similar Quantity 2: Floor Monitor Trolley 1U Passive Config PC or similar Quantity 2: Desktop Computer - High-End Editing computer with 192GB Ram 4u Rackmount - motion capture edit/capture PC or similar Quantity 2: Mo-Sys VP Pro VFX Servers or similar Quantity 20: 960GB SSDs or similar Quantity 4: Ergonomic mechanical keyboard Quantity 4: 2 way active studio monitor Quantity 2: StarTracker Max for cameras on cranes, jibs, pedestals and hand held cameras or similar Camera mounts, video assist, high resolution lens encoders, self-adhesive stars, gear wheel for lens encoders, mount for lens encoder Quantity 2: 6K Digital Camera or similar Camera gear and rigging equipment Video infrastructure Hardware Grip - Mount tripods, telescopic jib arm control system, studio Dolly, Jib arm counter-weights. mid level spreader + bag + feet, standard dolly spreader bar, telescopic pan bar and attachment for focus 12 Mo-Sys full body motion capture system or similar - 4-6 suits varying sizes (including permanent licence, software and subscriptions) 2m straight section 400mm radius, three way corner 400mm radius, Double support former 400mm radius, Single support former 400mm radius, Corner curve top cap 400mm radius, Floor curve end cap 400mm radius, Curved filler knife 400mm radius Infrastructure - MDU's, Install equipment, Custom server rack, custom patch panels, Production desk. Category One Lighting - Diva-Lite41, 31, 21 centre mounted system or similar. Category Two Lighting - CiroLite LEDCloud lighting bi-colour with LEDClous strip or similar. Category Three Lighting - TURBO LED LIGHTING (bicolor), Power supply, Light shield ring, Cable to power supply, Eye filter, Water repellent sandbags, Stand Adaptor and lighting functional detail to work with rigging or similar. Rigging Category One - consisting alluminium barrels, pipeclamps, studio rails, 4 wheel cars, cable car *5, 2.8m telescopic operators pole, curtain brake, curtain car *5, drapes Or similar equipment Quantity 10: Dual 2.5" Drive hotswap doc or similar Quantity 4: Ergonimoc ambidextrous mouse Quantity 2: Headphones 1U rack mount for audio and networking or similar A 'turn-key' solution is sought, with all equipment installed and tested, on-going support of equipment and training delivered to college staff on all aspects of the solution. Technical support to be provided for a five-year period.

CPV Codes

  • 32211000 - Broadcast production equipment


  • Bids should cover the whole contract.
  • Renewals are not available.
  • Financial restrictions apply.
  • Performance considerations apply.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.
  • Award on basis of price and quality.