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Your search matched 8 procurement notices over 12 months.

The following chart shows the number of matched notices per month:

(A chart of publication counts per month)
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Operating locations

Parsing identified 7 buyer locations and 5 supplier locations.

(UK geochart with 7 buyer locations and 5 supplier locations.)

Notice types

88% of published notices are Award notices.

(A chart showing [('award', 'award', 7), ('update', 'update', 1)] distinct notice types)

Notice values

50% of published notices are in the High (£1M+) value band.

(A chart showing [('award', 'award', 7), ('update', 'update', 1)] distinct value bands)

Notice source

The largest notice souce is Contracts Finder.

(A chart showing [('cf', 'Contracts Finder', 5), ('ojeu', 'OJEU', 3)] distinct notice sources)

Industry sectors

100% of published notices exist in the BUSINESS sector.

(Pie chart showing [('business', 'BUSINESS', 8, '#79D790')] industry sectors.)

Buyer regions

Buyers based in North West England published 50% of notices.

(A chart listing [('UKD', 'North West England', 4), ('UKE', 'Yorkshire / Humber', 1), ('UKK', 'South West England', 1), ('UKC', 'North East England', 1), ('UKJ', 'South East England', 1)] buyer regions)

Buyer types

There are 8 buyer types. (Buyers may have several types.)

(A chart listing [('central-gov', 'central-gov', 2), ('council', 'council', 2), ('energy', 'energy', 2), ('enterprise', 'enterprise', 1), ('consortium', 'consortium', 1), ('justice', 'justice', 1), ('education', 'education', 1), ('finance', 'finance', 1)] buyer types)
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Below are common keywords found in published notices. Keywords derive from allocated CPV codes.