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28 Jan 2021
29 Jan 2025 to 30 Jan 2025
28 Jan 2025 23:59



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Crown Commercial Service is setting up a dynamic purchasing system for the supply of audio visual technical consultancy and commissioning services. Crown Commercial Service is inviting suppliers to request to participate in the Audio Visual Technical Consultancy & Commissioning DPS. This DPS offers a simple route to purchase Audio Visual Technical Consultancy & Commissioning services in the public sector. If you are successfully appointed to the DPS following your submission you will be invited by customers (buyers) to submit tenders for relevant services through a call for competition. This DPS remains open for any supplier to request to participate throughout the duration of the DPS. CCS reserves the right to reduce, extend or terminate the DPS period at any time during its lifetime in accordance with the terms set out in the DPS Contract

CPV Codes

  • 64224000 - Teleconferencing services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

Other Information

This Dynamic Purchasing System Agreement RM6225 is for use by Contracting Authorities in the United Kingdom that exist on 28/01/21 and which fall into one or more of the following categories: 1. Any of the following: (a) Ministerial government departments; (b) Non ministerial government departments; (c) Executive agencies of government; (d) Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs), including advisory NDPBs, executive NDPBs, and tribunal NDPBs; (e) Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies (ASPBs); (f) Police forces; (g) Fire and rescue services; (h) Ambulance services; (i) Maritime and coastguard agency services; (j) NHS bodies; (k) Educational bodies or establishments including state schools (nursery schools, primary schools, middle or high schools, secondary schools, special schools), academies, colleges, Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), further education colleges and universities; (l) Hospices; (m) National Parks; (n) Housing associations, including registered social landlords; (o) Third sector and charities; (p) Citizens advice bodies; (q) Councils, including county councils, district councils, county borough councils, community councils, London borough councils, unitary councils, metropolitan councils, parish councils; (r) Public corporations; (s) Public financial bodies or institutions; (t) Public pension funds; (u) Central banks; and (v) Civil service bodies, including public sector buying organisations. 2. Those listed and maintained by the Government on their website at or any replacement or updated web-link. 3. Those listed and maintained by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) at sectorclassificationguide or any replacement or updated web-link. 4. Those bodies in England, Wales or Northern Ireland which are within the scope of the definition of "Contracting Authority" in regulation 2(1) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR) and/or Schedule 1 PCR. Please note the Closing Date, Contract Start Date and Contract End Date have been manipulated to support compatibility system issues. However please refer to the contract notice for the correct dates, timelines etc. Contract Notice rights reserved for Crown Commercial Service Framework Agreement.docx Contract Notice Transparency Information for Crown Commercial Service Framework Contract.docx RM6225 Final Bid