Publication summary: Week 11, 2021

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For week commencing Mon 15 Mar 2021:

  • 2,280 total notices
  • 1,846 unique titles
  • 700 main buyers
  • 1,936 named suppliers
  • £8B highest value contract

22% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

Top tenders by value

Lateral Flow - Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) London £8B
Lateral Flow Dynamic Purchasing System Process Webinar London £8B
Interventional Cardiology, Radiology and Neuroradiology, Cardiac Rhythm Management and Electrophysiology (CRM and EP) London £3B
Strategic Property Development Partner Warwick £2B
Secondary Care Access and Discharge Services Sheffield £1B
Merchants Framework 2021 Alfreton £1B
Manufacture of Lateral Flow Antigen Tests for Sars-Covid-2 London £1B
Low Carbon Offsite Construction DPS Uxbridge £1B
Workplace and Facilities Framework Prescot £1B
Lateral Flow Testing Kits London £912M
Electricity and Natural Gas Belfast £600M
Energy Efficient Retrofit Installers Dynamic Purchasing System Nottingham £500M
Heating and Hot Water Systems Framework Derbyshire £500M
Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Services (MDC1) - CPC and London & SE Uxbridge £500M
Supplier Day for New Decommissioning & Asbestos Removal (DAR) Framework Thornbury £485M
Summer Boiler Works Canterbury £400M
DHSC/Medicom20200619 London £308M
Employee Benefits for Health, Wealth and Wellbeing Framework Sheffield £300M
Endoscopy Consumables and Associated Products London £300M
Neutral Vendor Provider — Open Ealing £300M
Neutral Vendor Provider -OPEN Ealing £300M
Refuse and Associated Specialist Electric Vehicles Dynamic Purchasing System Hampshire £260M
Door Entry, Access Control System and CCTV Systems Framework Derbyshire £250M
Logistics Support Bristol £250M
Workplace and Facilities Framework Prescot £250M
Veterinary Delivery Partnership - Livestock Testing Services in England and Wales London £205M
Global Evaluation Framework East Kilbride £200M
Highway Maintenance, Design, Construction and Other Services - CPU 455 Oxford £166M
Orthotic Services and Associated Consumables Normanton £160M
Minor Works Framework 2021 Hampshire £130M
Payment Gateway and Merchant Acquirer Services Swansea £123M
Deloitte NTP Phase 5 London £123M
Endourology Products and Accessories London £120M
TfL 93871 RideLondon London £112M
ARP Field Services London £100M
Community Accommodation Service Tier-2 (Formally Named Bail Accommodation and Support Service) London £100M
Community Accommodation Service - Tier 2 (Formerly Named Bail Accommodation and Support Service) Westminster £100M
Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Delivery Services London £100M
Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Low Carbon Electrical Micro-Generation Technologies Wakefield £100M
Workplace Supply Solutions Birmingham £100M
Specialist Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Maidstone £98M
ARMOUR Centre Support Warminster £90M
ARMOUR Centre Support (Project ARGONAUT) Warminster £90M
Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme Administration London £88M
One HMG Movement of Personal Effects London £88M
Electronic Human Resource and Related ICT Services Northern Ireland Civil Service (E-HR Programme) Belfast £87M
Oncology Ablation Devices, Consumables and Associated Equipment London £85M
Q-PCR Lab Consumables Supply for LHL London £85M
Domiciliary Support Service 2020 Lot 1 - General Domiciliary Support in Leicester City Leicester £83M
Urology, Bowel and Faecal Management Normanton £83M
Framework for Frozen Food and Groceries London £80M
Frozen Foods and Groceries London £80M
Project_25787 - Decarbonisation Programme - Project_25787 - Decarbonisation Programme - Project CoPPA London £80M
Technology and Management Agent - Food Supply and Delivery Platform Liverpool £75M
Vascular Therapy and Associated Products Normanton £72M
Feltham and Surrey Prisons London £69M
Metered Electricity Belfast £67M
Market Engagement - Building Safety Improvements - The Guinness Partnership London £63M
Electrical Consumables and Associated Items Telford £60M
Expert Advisory Call Down Services East Kilbride £60M
External Placements for Looked After Children - Re-Opening Grays £60M
Light & Heavy Protected Mobility Vehicle Spares Telford £60M
Workforce Transformation Solutions Chester £60M
New Enterprise Allowance Phase 2 Leeds £56M
Grounds Maintenance and Tree Services London £55M
Natural Gas Belfast £54M
Energy Efficient Retrofit Professional Services Nottingham £50M
Light & Heavy Protected Mobility Vehicle Spares Telford £50M
Office Supplies Call Off Liverpool £48M
Treatment of Organic Waste Services Paisley £48M
Traffic Scotland Systems (TSSC) Glasgow £47M
Buckinghamshire Integrated Community Equipment Service Aylesbury £44M
Flat Roof Replacement & Parapet Repairs at Clacton Police Station Essex £43M
Community Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Service Leeds £43M
Maternity Obstetrics and Gynaecological Products Normanton £40M
Northumberland Line Stations Construction Project Morpeth £40M
Passive Fire Remedial Works Croydon £40M
Wheeled Bins Wakefield £40M
Highways England Winter Fleet Replacement (2021 Birmingham £38M
Infant Feeding and Associated Accessories Normanton £32M
Supported Living Services Bridgend £32M
Adult Skills Training Framework West Yorkshire £30M
Direct Payment Support Services Framework Nottingham £30M
OLE Wire Framework - Request for Supply Chain Input Into Strategy London £30M
Daily Living Aids Including Walking Aids Normanton £29M
Repair of Various Line Replacement Units (LRU's) and Associated Items Telford £28M
Training in Education Leadership and Strategic Management Skills — DPS for Skills Providers and Training Provision,… Chester £27M
Hades 2020 Croydon £27M
Medical Pulp August Sheffield £26M
Inhalation Anaesthetics and Vaporisers Runcorn £26M
NHS National Generic Pharmaceuticals - Inhalation Anaesthetics and Vaporisers Runcorn £26M
Services to Recruit International Foundation Students for the University of Birmingham Birmingham £25M
Surrey and Sussex Bluelight Accident Repair East Sussex £25M
Waste and Recycling Collection and Street Cleansing Services and Processing of Dry Recycling Rochford £25M
Endoscopy Services to Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group Oxford £25M
Breakfast Clubs Programme London £24M
Standard Length Examination Gloves, Nitrile Belfast £21M
IRM20/7530 - The Supply of Tyres Telford £21M
Testing of Electrical Installations and Remedial Works Boroughwide London £21M
Design and Construct New Dunclug College, Ballymena - Ref MA16-000D14 Belfast £20M