TfL 94523 - Through the Line Strategic Thinking, Creative Development and Production Services Agency

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Contract (Services)
2 year (est.)
29 Apr 2021
To 04 May 2023 (est.)



United Kingdom:

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Provision of Creative Agency services on behalf of Transport for London (TfL) for a two (2) year period with an option to extend for a further two (2) one (1) year periods, up to a maximum of four (4) years. The through the line creative agency will work together with TfL's above the line media agency to deliver media neutral integrated behaviour change marketing communications, strategic planning and implementation. The agency will be capable of long-term, strategic thinking for the TfL brand and across its portfolio, as well as for individual integrated through the line campaign briefs.

Total Quantity or Scope

The agency will work with TfL to deliver creative services relating to marketing and behaviour change. The two core areas that we need to deliver are: Getting to 80% sustainable journeys by 2041 and supporting Vision Zero. In order to deliver these, the agency must have the following experience and capabilities: • “Through the Line” experience: The agency needs to be experienced at developing strategies and creative that encompass broad messages delivered in large scale broadcast communications such as TV, Out of Home and Press, as well as highly specific messages delivered in highly targeted communications such as leaflets and emails • Behaviour Change experience: As described above, many of the campaigns that CMBC deliver have a specific behaviour change objective. They will need to demonstrate that they have worked on these sorts of campaigns, and demonstrate the results of these campaigns. • Experience working in an integrated way with the client and the media agency: In order to get the best possible results we expect the creative and media agencies to work collaboratively with each other • Resource to deliver 30+ campaigns a year: Due to the number of campaigns that we deliver each year, we need an agency that has experience of delivering, and staffing levels to handle large numbers of briefs. • 24/7 studio capability: Linked to the high volume and pace of work the appointed agency needs to have 24/7capability as standard • Cost conscious approach to working: as a public body we have a duty to manage costs and to deliver the best possible value. • Knowledge and experience in the strategic planning and delivery off behaviour change programmes • Experience working with clients that are in the public sector or operate in a

Award Detail

1 VCCP Group (London)
  • Provision of a Creative Through the Line Agency
  • Reference: 009222-2021-tfl 94523-1
  • Value: £17,600,000

Award Criteria

Technical Capability 25
Pitch Brief Response 50
price 25

CPV Codes

  • 79340000 - Advertising and marketing services

Other Information

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