Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for Roads Based Transportation Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Services: 2021-2025

A Contract Award Notice

Framework (Services)
4 year (est.)
22 Dec 2021
To 22 Dec 2025 (est.)




Geochart for 2 buyers and 5 suppliers

2 buyers

5 suppliers


Transport Scotland is an agency of the Scottish Government and contracts in the name of and on behalf of the Scottish Minsters. Over the forthcoming years Transport Scotland has identified the requirement to appoint suitably qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary consultants (“Consultants”) for provision of services to support delivery of a number of projects and schemes, anticipated from the second Strategic Transport Projects Review in response to the second National Transport Strategy ( ( Such projects and schemes may include but are not limited to: Trunk Road projects; Road safety improvements (e.g. junction improvements); Bus priority schemes; Active travel schemes; Managed motorways or other capacity or demand management schemes; Intelligent transport solutions; Light rail (i.e. Trams and the like); Asset renewal schemes not within the Operating Company remit; and Environmental offsetting or compensatory schemes.

Total Quantity or Scope

Transport Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Ministers, has identified the requirement to appoint multi-disciplinary Consultants to provide services for forthcoming roads related transport infrastructure projects and schemes to support its investment in and improvement of the trunk road and transportation infrastructure network. It has been concluded that this requirement would be best met through the use of a multiple supplier framework agreement (MFA). This will not be divided into separate lots. The intent of the procurement competition is to appoint 5 Consultants under a MFA that will be in place for a period of 4 years, during which Transport Scotland shall be entitled to call-off services in relation to projects and schemes of varying size, complexity and value. Having multiple suppliers will provide flexibility to cover situations where potential conflicts of interest or capacity issues arise. It is anticipated that these multi-disciplinary services will be called off via a rotational pattern up to an estimated value of 250,000 GBP. However, for services of greater value or of a particular complexity, Transport Scotland will have the option to run mini-competitions. The scope of services anticipated under this MFA may include, but not be limited to: - Development of programmes for project/schemes from inception through to completion; - Overall project/scheme management; - Assistance as required in the procurement, by competition, of other specialist consultants/contractors; - Completion of Feasibility Studies, Route Action Plans and Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) assessments; - Development of design options for roads based transportation projects (including bus priority schemes and light rail), asset renewal works and Active Travel facilities; - Undertaking a Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) Stage 2 and Stage 3 Assessment or equivalent route options and design and assessment work; - Undertaking public and stakeholder consultation; - Development of a detailed design or Specimen Design; - Completing Environmental Impact Assessment Report; - Performing the appropriate Statutory Processes; - Providing support to the Employer at any statutory proceedings that may be required; - Preparation of Tender and Contract Documentation; - Construction Supervision, including a period of maintenance; - Delivering, recording and reporting Education Liaison and other Community Benefits throughout the period of the Contract; - Provision of training and mentoring services; and - Any other related services requested by the Employer Example work packages have been provided as a guide and can be downloaded via the Additional Documents located within the Additional Notice Options of the Public Contracts Scotland portal. This is a guide only at this stage and the actual work packages to be included in the framework agreement will be provided at tender stage. It is envisaged that the services shall be provided at the Consultants own offices, with attendance required on an ad-hoc basis at Transport Scotland’s offices and construction sites. On occasion, the provider may be required to attend other locations within Scotland as and when required, including attending meetings at Transport Scotland’s main Glasgow office or other stakeholder offices or construction site offices when required. The Consultant will be procured through the restricted procedure, a procedure under the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. This is a two-stage procedure, comprising a prequalification stage and a tender stage. Section II.2.9 of this Contract Notice summarises the criteria for choosing the limited number of candidates to be taken forward to tender stage. In order to be considered for this procurement competition, economic operators must complete and submit an European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), which can be downloaded via the Public Contracts Scotland portal (

Award Detail

1 Amey OW (London)
  • Reference: ts/mp/ser/2020/04
  • Num offers: 7
  • Value: £40,000,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
2 WSP (Leeds)
  • Reference: ts/mp/ser/2020/04
  • Num offers: 7
  • Value: £40,000,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
3 Jacobs (Glasgow)
  • Reference: ts/mp/ser/2020/04
  • Num offers: 7
  • Value: £40,000,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
4 RPS (Belfast)
  • Reference: ts/mp/ser/2020/04
  • Num offers: 7
  • Value: £40,000,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
5 Stantec (Glasgow)
  • Reference: ts/mp/ser/2020/04
  • Num offers: 7
  • Value: £40,000,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.

Award Criteria

Likely Quality Criteria: Approach to execution of the Services; technical competency and processes, staff / resources, and management systems. All criteria will be stated in the tender documents. 60.0
Cost Criteria: Final tenders will be assessed against evaluation criteria to determine the most economically advantageous submission. All criteria will be stated in the tender documents. 40.0
PRICE 40.0

CPV Codes

  • 71311210 - Highways consultancy services
  • 71300000 - Engineering services
  • 71311220 - Highways engineering services
  • 71318000 - Advisory and consultative engineering services
  • 71311000 - Civil engineering consultancy services
  • 71311100 - Civil engineering support services
  • 71322000 - Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works
  • 71311200 - Transport systems consultancy services
  • 71311300 - Infrastructure works consultancy services
  • 71312000 - Structural engineering consultancy services
  • 71313000 - Environmental engineering consultancy services
  • 71313440 - Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services for construction


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any of the situations referred to in regulation 58 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. The Framework Agreement will be based on Transport Scotland’s bespoke set of conditions. Each economic operator shall be invited to submit a Tender on the same contract terms. Economic operators should be aware that all information submitted to Transport Scotland may need to be disclosed and/or published by the Transport Scotland in compliance with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. (SC Ref:677097)