SC 20005 Kent Strategic Modelling Custodianship

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5 year
04 Apr 2022
01 Apr 2021 to 31 Mar 2026
19 Nov 2020 12:00



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Interested suppliers should register interest via Kent Business Portal, any supplier registering an interest will automatically receive the SSQ. Address - A strategic transport model is a mathematical representation of all or part of a transport system. It is used to evaluate existing conditions and to project future effects and needs. An increasing emphasis on the interaction between transport modes, travel choices and the need for a more transparent approach to scheme appraisal and selection has made transport modelling an integral part of the appraisal process. A strategic, multimodal transport VISUM model is under construction for the geographical area of the County of Kent. This will enable the Employer to have a better understanding of the wider Kent transport network, to identify hotspots and to test potential policy. Working with District authorities, the model will also enable testing of scheme options and land-use scenarios. The model will also create a platform which, with further development, will enable near real-time information, including mobile phone data and other digital data sources, to be used to respond to incidents which are building or predicted to build on the network. Subsequently, the Employer will be able to take action to mitigate them, improving network resilience. The Strategic Modelling Contract 2020 is for the provision of a consultancy service to manage and run the Countywide Strategic Transport Model on behalf of Kent County Council (KCC) in accordance with the Contract Scope. This contract will enable scenario testing to inform transport and land use policy, to identify schemes and provide inputs to other business cases. The modelling outputs will supply the County Council with expert advice to allow the Council to plan and design new highway and transport infrastructure, inform policy, comply with their statutory obligations as the Highway Authority and support KCC's strategic objectives. The estimated contract value is circa £16m but with no guaranteed expenditure. It is envisaged that there will be an ongoing maintenance fee for updating the model and there will also be a number of separate commissions for strategic transport modelling. The expected duration of the contract is still under review and is likely to be something like circa 5 years + 5 years with a possible + 2 years - note this is not yet agreed or confirmed Whilst the contract will be with KCC a proportion of the expenditure (strategic modelling) is expected to come via District Authorities and possibly third party developers who will be able to access the contract via formal access agreements and engage directly with the supplier.

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  • Value: £16,000,000

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  • 71311200 - Transport systems consultancy services


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