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ID 3682600 - DoF - Supply of end user devices, accessories and services

A Contract Award Notice

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Contract (Goods)
not specified
21 Jun 2022
not specified



Northern Ireland:

Geochart for 1 buyers and 1 suppliers


The Department of Finance, for itself and on behalf of other public sector organisations requiring the supply and delivery of End User Devices, Accessories and Services as defined within the Specification, in Northern Ireland including, but not limited to, government departments, agencies, non-departmental public bodies, local authorities and bodies that receive grant funding from Northern Ireland government departments or from bodies which Northern Ireland government departments are responsible for, is establishing a collaborative agreement.

Total Quantity or Scope

Additional information: The estimated value of this contract is in the range of £50 million to £75 million. This is a maximum.figure that reflects the potential scale of the contract and takes into account potential optional extension periods. Neither CPD nor the Contracting Authority can provide any guarantee. as to the level of business under this contract. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to award the Contract following submission of Initial Tender. Responses and the right to down-select Economic Operators following each round of negotiations. The participating bodies who may avail of this contract are as follows:Department of Finance DoF, Department of Agriculture, Environment Rural Affairs DAERA, Department for Infrastructure DfI, Department for the EconomyDfE, Department for Education DE, Department of Health DoH, Department of Justice DOJ, The Executive Office, Department for Communities DfC, North West Regional College NWRC, Southern Regional College SRC, South West College SWC, South EasternRegional College SERC, Belfast Metropolitan College – BMC, Northern Regional College NRC, Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland COPNI, Comhairle Na Gaelscolaíochta, Northern Ireland Screen, Tourism Northern Ireland, Agri-Food Biosciences Institute AFBI, Invest Northern Ireland INI,Stranmillis University College , Education Authority, Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland, Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment CCEA, Ulster Supported Employment Limited USEL, NI Assembly, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, St Mary’s University College, Northern Ireland Policing Board, Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, Utility Regulator, The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Construction Industry Training Board CITB Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Prison Service NIPS, Youth Justice Agency of Northern Ireland, Police Ombudsman, Translink

Award Detail

1 British Telecommunications (London)
  • Contract
  • Reference: 016965-2022-1-1
  • Value: £67,560,225

Renewal Options

This contract is for an initial period of 1 year with 4 optional extension periods of 1 year each.Eg 1 year [+1 year, +1 year, +1 year, +1 year]

Award Criteria

Qualitative Criteria 30
Quantitative Criteria 70

CPV Codes

  • 30200000 - Computer equipment and supplies
  • 30213200 - Tablet computer
  • 80533000 - Computer-user familiarisation and training services
  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support
  • 72100000 - Hardware consultancy services
  • 50320000 - Repair and maintenance services of personal computers
  • 30232000 - Peripheral equipment
  • 32351000 - Accessories for sound and video equipment
  • 32422000 - Network components
  • 30215000 - Microcomputer hardware
  • 30231000 - Computer screens and consoles
  • 30000000 - Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies except furniture and software packages
  • 32423000 - Network hubs
  • 32250000 - Mobile telephones
  • 30230000 - Computer-related equipment
  • 50312000 - Maintenance and repair of computer equipment
  • 51000000 - Installation services (except software)
  • 30100000 - Office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers, printers and furniture
  • 31300000 - Insulated wire and cable
  • 30213100 - Portable computers
  • 72800000 - Computer audit and testing services
  • 50300000 - Repair, maintenance and associated services related to personal computers, office equipment, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment
  • 31154000 - Uninterruptible power supplies
  • 30233000 - Media storage and reader devices
  • 32424000 - Network infrastructure
  • 32270000 - Digital transmission apparatus
  • 30213300 - Desktop computer
  • 30237000 - Parts, accessories and supplies for computers
  • 72500000 - Computer-related services
  • 30234000 - Storage media
  • 30236000 - Miscellaneous computer equipment
  • 32425000 - Network operating system
  • 30213000 - Personal computers
  • 51600000 - Installation services of computers and office equipment
  • 30237300 - Computer supplies
  • 32420000 - Network equipment
  • 32421000 - Network cabling
  • 32427000 - Network system
  • 32232000 - Video-conferencing equipment
  • 72900000 - Computer back-up and catalogue conversion services
  • 32260000 - Data-transmission equipment
  • 30210000 - Data-processing machines (hardware)


  • Options are available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** The Contracting Authority reserved the right: to hold additional rounds of negotiations with Economic Operators; to require the. submission of any further or additional information or tender submissions; to award the Contract following the submission of initial. tenders; to award the Contract following conclusion of the first round of negotiation sessions; and/or to down-select Economic Operators. following each round of negotiations. For the avoidance of doubt, final tenders will not be subject to any negotiation with the Contracting. Authority (however, they may be subject to clarification, if required, at the Contracting Authority’s absolute discretion). The Contracting... Authority reserves the right: to reject any or all SQ or tender responses and to cancel or withdraw the procurement process at any... stage; to award a contract without prior notice; to change the basis of, the procedure and the timescales set out or referred to in the... procurement documents; to require an Economic Operator to clarify its SQ or tender response in writing and/or provide additional... information; to terminate the procurement process; and/or to amend the terms and conditions of the SQ or tender evaluation process... or negotiation process. The Contracting Authority does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Economic Operators remain... responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by them or by any third party acting under instructions from the Economic Operator in... connection with taking part in this procurement process, regardless of whether such costs arise as a consequence, directly or indirectly,... of any amendments made to the procurement documents by the Contracting Authority at any time. No legally binding contract shall... arise (and an Economic Operator shall have no legitimate expectation that a contract will be entered into) until such time as entry into... the Contract has been confirmed by the Contracting Authority. Economic Operators should note that all dates, time periods and figures... in relation to values and volumes specified in this notice and the procurement documents are approximate only and the Contracting... Authority reserves the right to change any or all of them. The figure indicated in II.1.5 represents an estimated contract value range. of. £50m -£75m this range reflects the potential scale of the contract and takes into account potential optional extension periods. The. pricing. strategy applied and the setting of cost/profit margins are a commercial decision for Economic. Operators when submitting a. bid for. this competition. In addition, neither CPD nor the Contracting Authority can provide any guarantee. as to the level of business. under this. contract. The successful contractor’s performance on the contract will be regularly monitored.. Contractors not delivering. on contract. requirements is a serious matter. It means the public purse is not getting what it is paying for. If. a contractor fails to reach. satisfactory. levels of contract performance they will be given a specified time to improve. If, after the specified. time, they still fail to reach. satisfactory. levels of contract performance, the matter will be escalated to senior management in CPD for. further action. If this occurs. and their. performance still does not improve to satisfactory levels within the specified period, it may be. regarded as an act of grave. professional. misconduct and they may be issued with a Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance and the. contract may be terminated. The. issue of a. Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance will result in the contractor being excluded from all. procurement competitions being. undertaken. by Centres of Procurement Expertise on behalf of bodies covered by the Northern Ireland. Procurement Policy for a period of. twelve. months from the date of issue of the Notice. This contract will not be awarded in Lots as a single supplier is required.