DF Dependency and Recovery for Northumbria - North East

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Contract (Services)
10 year (est.)
09 Sep 2022
To 08 Jun 2037 (est.)




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The Authority has procured a Dependency and Recovery services for People on Probation due a significant proportion of People on Probation having a dependency on legal and illegal substances and activities. The impact of this is wide-ranging both for the individual, their families and for society. Substance use disorders often cooccur alongside other mental illnesses. More than half of people with substance use disorders also have a mental illness. Frequently, each disorder amplifies the symptoms of the other. People on probation require a broad range of substance misuse and addiction related support for a range of complex needs. These services will not duplicate existing clinical commissioned services but should enhance an individual's ability to access the clinical services and support them in this need area. The service is for adult and young adult males.

Total Quantity or Scope

In June 2020 the Ministry of Justice established the Probation Services Dynamic Framework (PSDF) to allow the Authority and Participating Bodies to purchase services to deliver rehabilitative and resettlement Interventions. The Dynamic Framework and subsequent Call-Off Competitions are conducted pursuant to Section 7 of the PCR 2015 (Social and Other Specific Services) the 'Light Touch Regime'. The Supplier shall deliver a Dependency and Recovery Service by working in partnership with other organisations to enhance user access and support. The Dependency and Recovery Services should not duplicate provision where Clinical Commissioned Services are already in place in the applicable Geographical Location (which shall include the provision of Community Sentence Treatment Requirements). Dependency and Recovery Services can be delivered as part of a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement ("RAR") on a Community or Suspended Sentence Order, to those on Licence or Post Sentence Supervision and convicted. Where applicable, Dependency and Recovery Services must support a Person on Probation’s transition in conjunction with prison substance misuse services from Young Offenders Institute ("YOI") or an adult male prison back into the community and focus on the place where they will reside (not the prison they are released from).

Award Detail

1 Ingeus (London)
  • DF Dependency and Recovery for Northumbria - North East
  • Num offers: 1
  • Value: £2,759,229
  • Subcontracting opportunities are expected.

Renewal Options

- The Authority reserved the right to exclude tenders that did not achieve a total quality score of 60. - The Authority reserved the right to exclude tenders that did not achieve an individual quality criteria threshold.

Award Criteria

Specification Compliance _
Understanding the local landscape _
Delivering Services to People on Probation _
Quality of Staff _
Risk Management and Information Sharing _
a) Equalities b) Equalities _
Implementation _

CPV Codes

  • 75231240 - Probation services


  • Options are available.
  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

The specific evaluation and award criteria for each competition were detailed in full in the procurement documents for the call off competition. The procurement documents are published through the Authority's esourcing portal.