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View Tenders 553 notices over 12 months.

Publication summary

Found 553 procurement notices over the past 12 months. There are 441 unique titles.

The following chart shows the number of matched notices per month:

(A chart of publication counts per month)
Location map

Operating locations

Parsing identified 32 buyer locations and 296 supplier locations.

(UK geochart with 32 buyer locations and 296 supplier locations.)

Notice types

72% of published notices are Award notices.

(A chart showing [('pin', 'pin', 46), ('tender', 'tender', 47), ('award', 'award', 398), ('update', 'update', 62), ('open', 'live tenders', 13)] distinct notice types)

Notice values

43% of published notices are in the High (£1M+) value band.

(A chart showing [('pin', 'pin', 46), ('tender', 'tender', 47), ('award', 'award', 398), ('update', 'update', 62), ('open', 'live tenders', 13)] distinct value bands)

Notice source

The largest notice souce is Contracts Finder.

(A chart showing [('cf', 'contracts finder', 420), ('ojeu', 'ojeu', 116), ('fts', 'find a tender', 17)] distinct notice sources)

Industry sectors

34% of published notices exist in the PROFESSIONAL sector.

(Pie chart showing [('professional', 'professional', 186, '#50385A'), ('defence', 'defence', 97, '#C7BC91'), ('technology', 'technology', 74, '#547C3C'), ('health', 'health', 43, '#7079C7'), ('business', 'business', 40, '#79D790'), ('facility', 'facility', 34, '#71B8BC'), ('construction', 'construction', 28, '#C8A740'), ('misc', 'miscellaneous', 26, '#BC5AD3'), ('industrial', 'industrial', 22, '#B84F57'), ('transport', 'transport', 2, '#C9552A'), ('environment', 'environment', 1, '#50412C')] industry sectors.)

Buyer regions

Buyers based in London published 57% of notices.

(A chart listing [('UKI', 'london', 317), ('UKE', 'yorkshire / humber', 213), ('UKD', 'north west england', 10), ('UKJ', 'south east england', 5), ('UKH', 'east of england', 3), ('UKG', 'west midlands', 3), ('UKC', 'north east england', 2), ('UKF', 'east midlands', 1)] buyer regions)

Buyer types

There are 3 buyer types. (Buyers may have several types.)

(A chart listing [('central-gov', 'central-gov', 553), ('justice', 'justice', 553), ('defence', 'defence', 1)] buyer types)
Keywords graph

Keywords Sample

Below are common keywords found in published notices. Keywords derive from allocated CPV codes.