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Network Flexibility Services Belfast £___
tender notices
T302 (2021) Vegetation Patrolling Services Belfast £7M
C375 (2020) — Substation Steel Structures Belfast £5M
C375 (2021) - Substation Steel Structures Belfast £5M
GIS Platform Belfast £4M
Trans OHL Design Professional Services Belfast £3M
Facilities Management Services Belfast £3M
Fixed Lines Telephony Services Belfast £2M
B918 2021 — Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs to Mini Pillars and Underground Distribution Boxes Belfast £2M
Equipment Inspection Services LOLER Belfast £2M
C343 (2021) — Electrical Materials for Building Services Belfast £2M
Electricity to NIE Networks's Premises Belfast £1M
B945 (2021) Environmental Remediation Services Belfast £768K
Network Flexibility Services Belfast £550K
11kV Distribution STATCOM Belfast £550K
Digital Services Belfast £395K
award notices
Employment Agency Services Belfast £31M
Managed Service for Operational Telecommunications Network (OTN) Belfast £30M
C224 Belfast £17M
C150 Belfast £17M
C160 Belfast £17M
Fleet Vehicles Belfast £16M
Substation Monitors Belfast £6M
B965 2020 — Installation, Refurbishment and Maintenance of High and Low Voltage Plant/Equipment Belfast £5M
C339 Belfast £4M
C043 Belfast £2M
C363 — 275kV Disconnectors Belfast £2M
C368 Belfast £2M
Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Hire Belfast £2M
T310 (2020) Flail Tree Cutting Services Belfast £2M
Castell Iso Padlocks Belfast £2M
C323 (2020) - DC Standby Power Systems Belfast £1M
Security Services Belfast £1M
11 kV Sectionalisers and 11 kV and 33 kV Reclosures Belfast £1M
Tower Steelwork Assessments and LiDAR Belfast £1M
Hire and Maintenance of Mobile and Standby Generators Belfast £905K
LV AN Management Scheme and Low Voltage Remote Control Switches Belfast £535K
Pension Advisory Services Belfast £400K
Electricity to NIE Networks' Premises Belfast £___
C375 (2021) — Substation Steel Structures Belfast £___

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