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Contract (Goods)
5 year
05 Jan 2022
To 12 Jan 2027 (est.)
07 Feb 2022 12:00



United Kingdom and juxtaposed controls in Europe

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The Home Office (hereafter referred to as the Authority) is issuing this Notice to tender for the provision of Future eGates (Goods and Services) in support of and based on a strategy for future border checks. The aim of this is to procure services for a full eGate solution, including physical design and service management. Border Force is seeking a supplier of eGates for deployment in the UK and at juxtaposed controls in Europe which are capable of fully automating the processing of passengers using biometric and biographic matching technologies; and being integrated within the wider authority passenger verification system/s. The procurement stages for the eGates Contract Agreement will comprise the following stages under the Competitive Dialogue Process:

Total Quantity or Scope

The Authority is undertaking this tender exercise to appoint a suitably capable and experienced supplier of eGates for deployment in the UK and at juxtaposed controls in Europe which are capable of processing passengers using biometric and biographic matching technologies. The Authority shall utilise the Competitive Dialogue Procedure; a multi-stage procurement process that is intended to progressively develop a solution with selected Bidders, discussing with each Bidder their proposed solution, that best meets the Authority’s requirements from a technical, commercial, and financial perspective. The objective of the Selection Stage is to assess the responses to the Supplier Selection Questionnaire (SSQ) and select Bidders to proceed to the Invitation to Outline Solution (ISOS) stage of this procurement. The evaluation panel shall evaluate the SSQ responses using the selection criteria set out in the procurement documentation and shall draw up a shortlist of up to four bidders who will then be invited to submit their outline solution against the Authority’s Statement of Requirements (SoR). A full Statement of Requirements (SoR) will be issued at ISOS stage and shall be used as discussion topics in the Detailed Dialogue (DD) sessions, but at a high-level the successful supplier will be expected to: • Design eGates & install eGates with the Home Office and Port Operators. • Pilot and test at early adopter sites. Pilot(s) to be inclusive of testing single eGates designs within a set/bank of eGates, and as a set/bank of eGates. Each pilot installation at early adopter sites is to be piloted in a full service live operational setting for no less than 30 working days post the handover of the eGates system to the Authority. • Maintain eGates during the contract lifetime. • Work with the Home Office contract management function to maintain effective services to Home Office. • Service manage the eGates estate during the lifetime of the contract. • Ensure all services meet the standards and performance indicators set out in the schedules of the agreed Managed Services Contract. The size of the contract is to procure between approximately 293 - 377 eGates during the lifetime of the contract. The Authority will provide Bidders with extensive demonstration instructions and guidance material along with designated time to raise questions and dialogue the demonstration with the Authority prior to demonstration (formal assessment of technical capability) taking place. The Contract will be for the initial term of a 60-month period starting from the contract Commencement Date, plus the option for the Authority to extend for a further five 12-month periods (one period each time). This Contract is based on the Cabinet Office Model Services Contract terms v1.07, customised to suit Authority required governance and procedures.

Renewal Options

The Authority shall have the option to extend the agreement for a further five 12-month periods beyond the initial 60 months. The estimated contract value stated in this Notice is the value for the contract period including extensions.

CPV Codes

  • 35120000 - Surveillance and security systems and devices
  • 35121000 - Security equipment
  • 35123000 - Site-identification equipment
  • 35125110 - Biometric sensors


  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Renewals are available.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.

Other Information

• Stage 1: Supplier selection through the issue of a Standard Selection Questionnaire (SSQ) to check compliance with wider laws, regulations and demonstrate appropriate financial standing and technical ability to deliver the service. • Stage 2: Four Shortlisted bidders will be invited to the next stage which is Outline Solution with the issue of an invitation to Submit an Outline Solution (ISOS), followed through to; • Stage 3: Dialogue Phase 1 and demonstration of Bidder solutions (formal assessment of technical capability). • Stage 4: Dialogue Phase 2 followed by the issue of a call by the Authority to submit a Final Tender (ISFT). • Stage 5: Evaluation & Contract award. The purpose of this process is to progressively develop a solution with selected Bidders, discussing with each Bidder their proposed solution, that best meets the Authority’s requirements from a technical, commercial and financial perspective. ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Economic operators should note that due to the sensitive nature of some of the procurement documentation, certain confidentiality agreements are required to be signed before being given access to the procurement documents. Therefore, registration of interest to participate in this procurement should be made by e-mailing future.eGateCommercial@homeoffice.gov.uk in the first instance. Your email must clearly state: the name and reference for the procurement you wish to register for; the name of the registered supplier; and the name and contact details for the registered individual sending the email. Following receipt of registrations of interest, the Authority will send the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to the Bidder via the Home Office’s eSourcing Portal to complete and upload via the Portal. Once the NDA has been returned and verified by the Authority, the Bidder will be added to a closed SSQ on the e-Sourcing Portal. Access to the procurement documents will not be given until and NDA has been signed, therefore Bidders should register their interest and submit a signed NDA at the earliest opportunity to allow maximum time for reviewing and responding to the SSQ documents. This procurement will be managed electronically via the Home Office’s eSourcing Portal (Jaggaer). To participate in this procurement, participants must first be registered on the eSourcing Portal. If you have not yet registered on the eSourcing Portal, this can be done online at https://homeoffice.app.jaggaer.com by following the link ‘To register click here’. Please note that, to register, you must have a valid DUNS number (as provided by Dun and Bradstreet) for the organisation which you are registering, who will be entering into a contract if invited to do so. For technical assistance on use of the eSourcing Portal please contact the Jaggaer Supplier Helpdesk at customersupport@jaggaer.com or 0800 069 8630 (0800 - 1800hrs). Responses must be published by the date in IV.2.2.