Publication summary: Week 3, 2024

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For week commencing Mon 15 Jan 2024:

  • 2,536 total notices
  • 2,016 unique titles
  • 778 main buyers
  • 1,686 named suppliers
  • £8B highest value contract

22% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

Top tenders by value

Call for Competition for the 4th UK National Lottery Licence Birmingham £8B
Adult Care and Nursing Homes Winchester £7B
Unmetered and Domestic Heating Services Framework Agreement London £2B
Payment Acceptance 2 Liverpool £1B
Medium-Term Residual Waste Treatment Chelmsford £1B
Courier, Distribution, Storage and Specialist Solutions Liverpool £1B
Emergency Service Fuel Cards Birmingham £606M
Approved Contractor Framework List V2 (ACFL V2) Poole £500M
Global Evaluation and Monitoring 2 (GEMFA 2) East Kilbride £500M
Housing Repairs, Maintenance and Planned Works Programme Peterborough £500M
Total Pharmaceutical Gas Solutions Framework London £431M
Coppermills WS-SRP Procurement Reading £400M
Home Care Service, Leicester Leicester £392M
Building Improvements Framework Prescot £346M
South Thamesmead Phases 2 and 3 Joint Venture Partnership London £300M
Care Home Services and Care Home Redevelopment Opportunities in Cornwall Truro £253M
Marine Survey Framework London £250M
Strategic Estate Partner - New Ambulance Facilities Melbourn £220M
Care and Support at Home Lot 1 Dorchester £188M
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for SEND Independent School Places Worcester £186M
Regulated Homecare Services: For Providers in Somerset Taunton £155M
Zero Carbon Accelerator (ZCA) Single Supplier Framework Agreement London £150M
Food Framework London £140M
Operation, Maintenance & Management of CHPP & Boiler Park Warrington £128M
Capital Works Framework 2020 Carlisle £120M
Cloud Services Data Centre Management and Transformation Solutions Wakefield £120M
Cloud Services, Data Centre Management and Transformation Solutions Wakefield £120M
Minor Works Framework None £120M
Marine Gas Oil Gourock £117M
Contingent Labour Services Moor Row £114M
Whittington Health NHS Trust - Pathology Services London £105M
Building Improvements Framework Prescot £100M
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing, Including Workwear, Schoolwear and Body Armour Leicester £100M
Tri-Borough Insurance Tender-Property and Residential Leasehold Buildings Contracts London £100M
Front of House Services London £99M
Permanent Recruitment Partner Liverpool £90M
Gigabit Infrastructure Subsidy Programme Regional Supplier North East - ABANDONED London £90M
Provisions for Services for Laboratory and Research Related Technical Servic Cumbria £85M
Origin Housing LTD Electricity, Gas & Water Procurement Framework London £80M
Services for Residual Waste Treatment Stirling £78M
Security Guarding Services (SGS) London £72M
Beverages Confectionery & Snacks PIN London £70M
Repair and Maintenance Services Wembley £65M
Learning Disability Open for Providers in Somerset Taunton £60M
WYICB - Out of Hours Primary Medical Services & Associated Services Across West Yorkshire Wakefield £55M
Core Surfacing 2024 Carlisle £50M
Design & Consultancy Services Framework - National Newcastle upon Tyne £50M
Digital Delivery Capability Partners London £50M
Software Maintenance and Development Services Bristol £50M
Technology Partner for South Yorkshire Supertram, With an Initial Requirement to Provide a Multi-Functional Management Platform… Sheffield £50M
MBTP End to End QA/Testing Service London £48M
Transport for London Bus Stops and Shelters Supply, Install and Repair London £48M
Shopfit and Signage - Manufacture, Deliver, Install & Branch Assessment and Design London £47M
Marine Consultancy Framework London £45M
Shopfit - Deliver and Install Opportunity London £45M
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing, Including Workwear, Schoolwear and Body Armour Leicester £44M
Supported Living Services Wakefield £40M
PEP/CYP/ Strategic Partner for Children's Homes Bristol £39M
Estate Cleaning Services London £35M
National Contact Centre Bristol £35M
Integrated Youth Support Services Gloucester £35M
Educational Psychologist Training London £34M
Independent Living Services - Pumpherston Livingston £33M
NI Assembly - Operation and Maintenance Broadcasting and Related Sound and Vision Services Belfast £32M
Strategic Modern Analytical Tool London £32M
Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance Services Framework Agreement Salford £30M
NHS Funded Patient Transport Service Bodmin £29M
NHS Funded Patient Transport Services Bodmin £29M
Cleaning and Window Cleaning Cardiff £28M
Gloucestershire Street Lighting, Term Maintenance Gloucester £28M
Deed of Variation in Relation to Repairs and Maintenance Peterborough £25M
Major Consultants Framework 2024 Leeds £25M
Site Security Maintenance & Upgrade Services Oldbury £24M
Mattresses, Pillows, Recycling Services and Duvets for HM Prison Establishments London £23M
Family Welcome Centre Construction Romford £23M
GCP Hosting, Support and Development London £23M
Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) and Command and Control Mobilising System Winchester £23M
Grant Fund Manager Dynamic Purchasing System Glasgow £23M
School Aged Immunisation Services for Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire (BSW), Somerset, Cornwall,… Bristol £21M
WSCC - Day Opportunities, Employment, Volunteering and Prevention Services Chichester £21M
Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA) Equipment and Spare Parts Belfast £20M
EKFB JV - Thame Valley Viaduct Birmingham £20M
Origin Housing LTD Electricity, Gas & Water Procurement Framework London £20M
Passenger Transport Dynamic Purchasing System Call for Competition Results Quarter 4 Norwich £19M
DHSC:NIHR Support Services: Public Partnerships and Maximising Research Impact London £19M
Organic Waste Treatment Services 2024 And Hertford £19M
Characterisation Execution and Asbestos R&D Survey Oldbury £18M
T Levels Qualification - Market Engagement Presentation - Generation 2, Wave 2 London £18M
Residential and Nursing Care Home Services Stafford £18M
Residential Older People (Lot 1), Residential Dementia (Lot 2), Nursing Older People (Lot 6), Nursing Dementia… Stafford £18M
Project_801 - Prime Carrier Service Supplier London £18M
Integrated Sexual Health Strategic Partner(s) Wigan £18M
Integrated Strategic Sexual Health Partner(s) Wigan £18M
Competitive Land, Design and Build Framework for Nihe North Region Portadown £17M
South Bank 11&66kV Substations & Cabling Darlington £16M
Primary Care General Dental Services None £16M
Antiseptic Solutions and Hand Hygiene Products Edinburgh £16M
Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme Services None £16M
Community Connections - Mental Health Services Reigate £15M
Autonomy Software Development and Maintenance Bristol £15M