Publication summary: Week 26, 2021

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For week commencing Mon 28 Jun 2021:

  • 2,171 total notices
  • 1,773 unique titles
  • 719 main buyers
  • 1,695 named suppliers
  • £10B highest value contract

27% of published notices are unique, respondable opportunities.

Top tenders by value

For: Community Diagnostic Hubs (CDH) Framework Agreement Leeds £10B
For: Community Diagnostic Hubs Framework Agreement Leeds £10B
NHS England IC Framework — NHS Increasing Capacity Framework Leeds £10B
Housing Construction Livingston £2B
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for 17 Seats and Over Awards 1 March 2021 to 31 May… Winchester £695M
Type 31 Frigate Support Assessment Phase (T31 SAP) Bristol £600M
Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) - Central Andover £519M
Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) - South East Andover £396M
Books, E-Books, E-Textbooks and Associated Services Reading £360M
Area 9 Maintenance and Response (West Midlands) Birmingham £335M
Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) - South West Andover £316M
PfH Scotland EESSH2 Framework Stirling £281M
C17 Synthetic Training Service Bristol £274M
Children's Home Services - Provider Engagement Preston £270M
Covid-19 Home Testing Fulfilment Services London £269M
Independent Schools and Colleges for Children and Young People With Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Leeds £240M
Angiography & Hybrid Theatre Equipment and Related Services London £200M
Operational, Management and Maintenance Services at Hassockfield (Now Known as Derwentside) Immigration Removal Centre London £166M
Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) - Scotland and Northern Ireland Andover £149M
Energy Framework Requirements April 21 Salisbury £141M
Blood Pressure Cuffs and Support Products London £136M
Apprenticeship Training Services Salford Quays £135M
Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Products and Services Leicester £120M
Trade Material Commodities and Associated Services to the City of Edinburgh Council Edinburgh £115M
Goods and Services to Support the UK Covid-19 Testing Strategy London £114M
Fire Safety Dynamic Purchasing System Preston £100M
Investment Consultancy Services Norwich £100M
Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Products and Services Leicester £100M
Ground Ambulance to BATUK - Tender Documents for Transparency Andover £95M
Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Assessment Service Extension - Lot 4 Reference Number Sheffield £93M
DSD Medical Support Services Belfast £82M
Energy Framework Requirements April 21 Salisbury £80M
Managed Training Services Leicester £80M
Integrated Healthcare Services at the New Prison, Wellingborough Derby £75M
Office Furniture Solutions and Associated Services Wakefield £75M
Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting & Analysis Service CF London £74M
Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting & Analysis Service Procurement London £74M
Leeds Housing Responsive Repairs, Voids & Cyclical Maintenance Services (West) Leeds £70M
Property Insurance (Including Business Interruption) and Contractors All Risks, Computers and Money Insurance London £69M
National Framework for Centralised Prescription Hubs (Bladder and Bowel) Chester £60M
Reep Fit Out London £60M
TfL 95743 Contact Centre Outsourced Services FWC London £60M
Further Competition for a Master Vendor for Temporary Agency Resources (ESPO MSTAR3 Framework Lot 1b) Leicester £55M
National Microbiology Framework Lot 4 Call-Off Order PerkinElmer Covid Testing London £51M
Essex Community Wellbeing Service Chelmsford £46M
DWP Document and Data Management Service Leeds £45M
Hard FM - Planned Preventative and Reactive Maintenance Aberdeen £40M
Vehicle Hire Caerphilly £40M
Dementia Care Block Berks £38M
ADC) Housing Refurbishment Partnership Nottingham £35M
Plymouth Primary Care Medical Services (The Mayflower Group) Saltash £34M
Security Services Reading £31M
Public Health England - Weight Management Services London £30M
Centre for Disaster Protection East Kilbride £30M
Market Engagement - Camp Hill Line New Stations Birmingham £28M
SLC Training and Employability Framework Hamilton £28M
Home Group Repairs and Maintenance: South West Central Newcastle upon Tyne £27M
LLC Industrialisation Panel Croydon £27M
Land, Design and Build for Social Housing Development/S in Derry Portadown £27M
Drug, Alcohol & Family Support Services Within Gwent Newport £26M
Orthotic Service Ballymena £26M
Electricity to Cadent Gas Coventry £25M
Laboratory Consumables and Chemicals Edinburgh £25M
Laboratory Managed Service - Extension Glasgow £24M
Avian and Bovine Purified Protein Derivatives (PPD) Tuberculin London £23M
IT Managed Services London £22M
New Ferry Development Birkenhead £22M
HSL Pathology Service Agreement for Services Until March 2022 - PCR Testing London £21M
London Stadium Stewarding and Security Services London £20M
CUES (Complex Underwater Environmental Sensor) - CN Bristol £20M
Heavy Lift Challenge Bristol £20M
NEPO Highways and Civil Engineering Materials Newcastle upon Tyne £20M
Non-Operated Plant and Equipment Durham £20M
Temporary Agency Resource Peterborough £20M
Carlton & Granville - Contractor Wembley £18M
Minor Works – Building Framework Nottingham £18M
Non-Operated Plant and Equipment Durham £18M
Marine Seismic Survey and Processing Didcot £18M
Marine Seismic Survey and Processing Didcot £18M
Dynamic Pressure Area Care Products and Associated Services Ballymena £17M
TSC for Gas and Solid Fuel Servicing, Repairs, Call Out and Central Heating Installation Beverley £17M
IT External Strategic Support Partner (IT ESSP) - Lots 1 and 2 Birmingham £17M
Pre-Commercial Procurement: Design, Develop, and Demonstrate Wave Energy Converter Systems (EuropeWave PCP) Inverness £16M
NHS Scotland National Uniform Edinburgh £16M
Supported Living Services Bromley £16M
Proposed Residential Development at Pembroke Road, Pembroke Dock Haverfordwest £15M
Adult Hearing Services Greater Manchester £15M
Any Qualified Provider for Adult Hearing for Greater Manchester CCGs Greater Manchester £15M
Cadw Conservation Works Framework Cardiff £15M
Relocatable Seating Stands to the London Stadium West Stand London £14M
External Works Housing & Non-Housing Leeds £14M
Blood Pressure Cuffs and Support Products Normanton £14M
Queen Alexandra Hospital, North Car Park, MSCP Portsmouth £14M
Housing Elemental Works Programme 2021-2026 4 Sheffield £13M
Heating Installation Programme Belfast £13M
Supported Living Services Bromley £13M
Heating System Servicing, Repairs and Installation & Associated Works and Services Chatham £12M
Tier 2/3 Substance Misuse - Core Service Catford £12M
E-Disclosure and Review Services Liverpool £12M
Preferred Provider Supported and Independent Living Service (SaILS) Manchester £12M